Wednesday, January 31, 2018

BHS Course Selection

Good Afternoon,

I want to remind all parents of students in grades 8 through 11, we are hosting our annual Course Selection Information Night Thursday, February 1, at 6:00 pm in the Theater.  I also want to inform you the course selection portal is open Feb. 2- Feb. 9 (opening and closing in the afternoons).  

  • BHS Mission Statement
  • Student outcomes
  • Block 5 information
  • Graduation requirements
  • STEM program review
  • Humanities program review
  • Course request process
  • Summer opportunities
  • Special Education Info
  • Q & A

We have included a video here that will walk you through “how to select a course” in Powerschool.  We hope it is helpful.

See you all tomorrow evening,


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Please Read

January 30, 2018

Dear Parents,

I’m writing to let you know that BHS is starting to see an increase in student absences due to the flu/flu like symptoms.  If your son or daughter is experiencing symptoms of the flu, it is important to see a doctor.  If there is a flu diagnoses and/symptoms such as a fever, it is important to keep him/her home.  Please remember, when students are sick – fever, vomiting, diarrhea, etc. – they need to be out of school for at least 24 hours after they are symptom-free.  This helps to ensure that they do not spread their illness to other students and staff members. 

As a preventative measure, we will be disinfecting classroom desks, doorknobs, bathrooms, etc. more frequently.

Please take a look at the CDC, which offers parents helpful information regarding the treatment and prevention of the flu.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our school nurses, Marianne Glassman or Rene

Bill Hagen

Thursday, January 25, 2018

BHS Scheduling News

Fifth Block
With the goal of providing flexibility for students in their schedule and to alleviate the constraints of a growing enrollment, next year BHS is attempting to offer a unique opportunity for students who may like to attend school later in the day. In the course request process you will see sections with “R5” in the course title. This means that the particular course may run a section on Red days during block 5. The R5 courses will run from 2:40-4:00 pmon Red days. Two late buses will leave the BHS campus at 4:15 pm every afternoon, or students can arrange their own way home.
The R5 courses that we are proposing through the course request process are:
  • R5 In Writing (S1)
  • R5 In Writing (S2)
  • R5 Personal Finance (S1)
  • R5 Personal Finance (S2)
  • R5 Intro to Cooking (S1)
  • R5 IB History
  • R5 Concert & Marching Band
  • R5 Physical Science
  • R5 Spanish II
As you can see, some courses will run throughout the year, while others fall into one particular semester. Students will need to be free in the late afternoon (2:40-4:00 pm) to make an R5 course work. Any student who plans to participate in multiple athletic teams or theater shows or maintain an after-school job would not be a good candidate for any of the R5 courses. However, an R5 course may be a great option for the student who knows they are free of any commitments in the later afternoon, or possibly one semester over the other. For example, for the student who is strictly focusing on spring athletics such as softball, she may want to consider “R5 Personal Finance (S1)” as that course will conclude well before softball season begins.
Please note that adding the 5th block to our schedule is not an opportunity for a student to take more classes, but to take courses at a different time. Any student who commits to an R5 course will not be scheduled during R1. He or she can still get on an early morning bus/get dropped off and have a Managed Time during R1, but no class will be assigned. R5 students will also have the opportunity to arrive at BHS after R1. All students will need to be at school for Advisory on Red days.
It is also important to know that the proposed courses listed above are just that; proposed. If the R5 offerings are not popular they will not run next school year. In late February, after all course requests are entered by students, the BHS Leadership Team will determine whether or not each R5 course has enough interest to run. Please do not let this deter you from requesting an R5 course. If any courses do not run we will notify those impacted students and families in early March. We will have time to move the student requests to those that fit into the typical school day (7:55-2:35).

We are excited to be offering two new courses in computer science in 2018-19:
Introduction to Computer Programming is a semester-long course open to all students. Students will learn skills and best practices in developing programs, and coding software in the language Python. Focus will be on learning syntax, understanding computational logic, and problem solving.

AP Computer Science Principles is a year-long course open to all students who have completed Algebra I. This class offers a multidisciplinary approach to teaching the underlying principles of computation. The course will introduce students to the creative aspects of programming, abstractions, algorithms, large data sets, the Internet, cybersecurity concerns, and computing impacts.
These courses can be found in the Program of Studies under “Business and Computer Science”.
We are also offering two new elective courses in the Humanities department. These courses are both one-semester electives, and they are open to all students.
The American Presidency is a social studies elective intended for all students as another history option beyond AP/IB or for students needing another history credit.  Students will examine different perspectives of understanding presidential leadership. With these perspectives, students will be able to investigate the questions around what makes a good president, and how we define successful presidents. Presidential decision-making as it relates to domestic and foreign policy will be examined as well as the nomination and election process.  
Native Voices is a team-taught elective course that can be taken for English or social studies credit. In this team-taught course students will examine the rich, oral traditions of native peoples, civic involvement, and the fight for keeping native languages and religious traditions alive for both federally recognized tribes as well as non-federally recognized tribes throughout the nation. This course aims to establish a sister school relationship with Santa Fe Indian School, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a boarding school initially created by the federal government to assimilate native children. Pueblos throughout New Mexico and Arizona gained leadership of the school creating a safe harbor for native people to practice their traditional values and their educational experience. Students will use primary and secondary sources to enhance their understanding of the native historical perspective as well as the civic justifications. Students will also be immersed in literature, oral history, the study of saving languages, cultural sensitivity, diverse leadership styles, and art. Students will have the opportunity to choose related topics to research in order to gain a deeper understanding. Local Native American leaders will be invited to speak in the class throughout the semester.
Also a new course in the Art Department that is is one semester in length and open to all students.
Students will explore sculptural methods including additive, subtractive, and kinetic types.  They will research, evaluate, and analyze sculptures in order to understand the significance of great works. Students will design and shape unique sculptures using a variety of media including paper, paperboard, cardboard, balsa wood, clay, found objects, natural materials, and wire. Construction techniques include modeling, carving and assemblage.  By means of experimentation with different processes, students work to develop a dialog between concept, manipulation of materials, and resulting objects. Some of the items students will create are: pop up books, deconstructed books, paper mache, shadow boxes, foam construction, and more.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

BHS News

From the Counseling Department:
BHS is beginning the process of building next year’s Master Schedule. Below are some dates to be aware of. We will be providing a great deal of information here in the weeks to come. Please continue to check in to ensure knowledge of the process.

  • All teacher recommendations in PowerSchool- January 21st
  • Parent Teacher Conferences- 22nd & 25th
  • “Course Selection Info Night” & “IB Info Night”- February 1st in BHS Theater at 6:00pm
  • Course request portal open to all- afternoon of February 2nd-afternoon of February 9th

BHS News

BHS and Bedford Food Pantry
This month, we’re collecting cans of tuna as part of our role in the district wide program to support the Bedford Food Pantry.  Each Advisory is collecting cans and there is a competition involved.  Please help support by sending in a can (or cans) of tuna.  Thanks!
Place an order for your box(es) of Krispy Kreme donuts fresh from the story! Only $10.00 per dozen.
Pre orders due by Monday, January 15th.
Click on the link for the pre-order form. 2018 Prom Krispy Kreme Fundraiser  
Pick up: BHS, Bulldog Corner 2:45pm- 6:30pm Friday, January 19th.
If you do not pre-order, we will have extra boxes of Krispy Kreme to sell. Come on by Friday afternoon.
Can’t make it Friday? We will have a secondary pick on Sunday morning from 8-11 a.m. at the BHS gym. Help raise money for  the 2018 Prom “Under the Stars”!

Attention Seniors! It is time to submit your Senior Dues. This $35 fee helps to cover your graduation cap and gown and a variety of senior week activities and is due by February 1st. Students can pay through Send Money to School, by check (payable to Bedford High School), or by cash. Checks and cash should be brought to the BHS School Counseling Office. Questions? Please reach out to the Student Council Advisors, Ali Mattson ( or Jess Bennett (

Directions (and visuals) for Send Money to School Payment are below:

1) Parent/ guardian logs into SMTS
2) Select School Store
3) Select Senior Dues ($35)

4) This screen will appear.  

Lost and Found
Parents, Students, and Staff, If you have lost something be sure to check the lost and found!
  • If you have lost clothing, coats, bags, books, etc. please look in the bins located by the concession stand in the Gym hall.
  • If you have lost smaller items such as a wallet, keys, calculator or phone stop in the main office and we will assist you.  

Important Dates and Events:
1/17 - Winter Band Concert - 6:00pm - theater
1/19 - Quarter 2 grades close
1/22 - Parent Teacher Conferences 3:00 - 6:30pm
1/24 - Junior College Information Night - 6pm - theater
1/25 - Parent Teacher Conferences 4:30 - 8:00pm
From the Counseling Department:
The Counseling & Tech Depts collaborate to provide our community with information and activities about social media each month. The Social Media Theme for the month of December is Cyberbullying. In an effort to bring awareness to this issue (which is unfortunately common), we have come up with activities and resources for students, faculty and the community. We hope that these activities get everyone thinking about social media’s role in cyberbullying and how we can all be positive digital citizens. Responding to Cyberbullying: Top Ten Tips for Parents can be a great starting point if you find that your son/daughter is involved in or a witness of cyberbullying.

From the Library:
YEARBOOK Information:
DEADLINE TO ORDER IS 2/23/18 Order here:

Senior Information!

From the IB Coordinator:
Course selections for the 2018-2019 school year will begin in early February. Every year I get lots of questions about IB and the IB Diploma Programme. To ensure that students wishing to sign up for IB classes and/or the IB Diploma are well-informed, please consider taking advantage of one or more of the following opportunities to access more information:
  • Wednesday January 31: Freshman and Sophomore students wishing to know more about the IB Diploma Programme are invited to attend an informational meeting during Advisory (9:21-9:46am) in the BHS Theater.
  • Thursday February 1: Students and Families wishing to know more about the IB Diploma Programme are invited to attend IB Info Night. IB Info Night is part of Course Selection Night hosted by the BHS Leadership Team. The event begins at 6pm in the BHS Theater. At 6:30, families specifically interested in IB will be invited to join me for a presentation in the BHS Library.
  • Classroom Visits: I will be visiting 10th grade Humanities classes and 9th grade Honors Physical Science classes to talk about IB classes and the IB Diploma. These classroom visits will begin the week of Jan. 22.
  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: I would be happy to meet with any parents who have questions about IB during the Parent-Teacher Conference evenings on Jan. 22 and Jan. 25. Please keep in mind, however, that conference slots are only 10 minutes in length!
  • BHS IB Website: The website is up-to-date and has lots of general information.
  • Email: You are always welcome to email me at with any questions you have, or if you would like to schedule a time to come in and meet in person!

From the Deans:
Over 25 art students have submitted work to represent BHS for the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Global Coordinator:
The Danes are coming to Bedford!
Host Families needed.  
We need your help in hosting students from Denmark for a very short visit on Saturday, March 10th until Wednesday, March 14th.  This is a great opportunity to get to know a student from another culture and share the Bedford community with them.  
Please email the Global Coordinator, Laura Chenette at, with your interest in hosting, your student's name and more information will be shared with you.  

Student Activities:
December 15th, is Spanish Movie Night in the theater
FIRST Robotics kicks off their season January 6th. 

In Sports:

Reminder to all student-athletes, the end of Q2  (January 19th) will determine athletic eligibility for the remainder of the winter season AND eligibility for spring sports!

All student-athletes MUST pass AT LEAST 4 classes to be eligible. Unsure or have questions?  Email Mr. Parker ASAP!

We have over 45 senior NHIAA Scholar Athletes that will be recognized in March at the Capitol Center for the Arts.  Letters from Mr. Parker have been hand-delivered from the Athletic Department to these deserving athletes that met the NHIAA criteria of obtaining a B+ average throughout their Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior years - Plus, these athletes participate in two varsity sports during their senior year.  Congratulations!!

REMINDERS about college visits and not taking the team bus after an athletic event - Instead riding home with a parent/guardian due to a conflict.

Step One
  • Athlete completes form and obtains a parent/guardian signature
  • Athlete brings completed form (from parent) to their coach for approval
  • Athlete brings form to Athletic Department for approval
  • Once approved, Athletic Department will retain the copy

Step Two
  • Athlete takes original (signed) form to the College Admissions Office and gets date and signature from college representative during visit
  • Athlete returns the original executed form back to Athletic Department immediately upon return from College visit
Important Note - college visits are excused absences from school, but are not excused from sports without the above mentioned protocol completed in advance.

  • If athlete rides home with their own parent - Coach signs form
  • If athlete rides home with another parent - other than their own:
    • Forms from both families are required to be approved by AD
    • Once approved (by AD) - Give forms to Coach

Team pictures for most Winter sports are scheduled for Wednesday, December 13.  Please see details.
Alternative Programming:
Adult High School Diploma Program: Enrollment Deadline February 1st, 2018
Students who are interested in graduating with the Adult High School Diploma in June of 2018 must commit to this pathway by Febraury 1st. Information regarding the Adult High School Diploma Program and the registration for the Spring course can be found here:

Community Enrichment
Courses for the Spring term of Community Enrichment are posted! Please join us for Introduction to Italian, Fused Glass Workshop, Elements of Art or Introduction to Photography!! Course descriptions and registration information are listed here:

Manchester School of Technology Open House
All students and parents are invited to MST’s Open House on January 20th, 2018 from 11am-1pm.
Please visit for additional information.

Real World Learning Opportunities
Community Service:
Organization: Smart Buddies
Description: Peer tutors are needed at McKelvie to work with students with their homework.
Dates: Ongoing: Monday-Thursday 3:15-4:15pm
Location: McKelvie Intermediate School
For other opportunities, please see the RWL page on the BHS website:
From the SAU:
From the PTG:
PTG Night at the Monarchs – On Saturday, January 20th at 6:00pm come join the Bedford PTG and the Manchester Monarchs as we host our Marvel Superhero and Villains Night! Participate in our HIGH-FIVE TUNNEL and celebrate your favorite Marvel character! Ticket sales are online only.  To order tickets, please visit MONARCHS TICKETS.  If you have any questions, please contact Amy Dion at     
Barnes and Noble Days with Bedford PTG – On January 26th & 27th join us at the Barnes and Noble Manchester location!  Come and look at the many art projects from all Bedford Schools, listen to the performance by the McKelvie music department and listen to stories read by Bedford’s elementary teachers.  For more information and to view the schedule of events, please visit the Bedford PTG website.
Champions for Children - Once again, the New Hampshire School Administrator's Association is seeking nominees for the "Champions for Children Award Program".  Last year, Bedford nominated Greg Uliaz as our District Champion.  Greg was later selected as the South Central region winner and was recognized at the State-wide breakfast along with his family.
Nominees are individuals who have given distinguished service to children over the past year.  To nominate a Bedford Champion, please complete this short form no later than January 31, 2018.

Monday, January 8, 2018


On January 9th, the Bedford High School DECA club will be hosting its first ever Taste of Bedford fundraising event in the BHS Commons (cafeteria) from 6:00-8:00 pm.The family-friendly event offers the opportunity to enjoy delicious samples from 13 local restaurants, hear live music, and participate in raffles and kids activities including face painting and crafts.
For more information and to buy tickets, go to Advance tickets are $10 each with family deals (4 for $30 and 5 for $40). Tickets will be an additional $2 per ticket at the door. All proceeds will be going towards BHS DECA in order to offset competition costs.  

We would like to graciously thank these restaurants for supporting the aspiring business students of Bedford by donating their delicious samples: Caroline’s Fine Foods, Cupcakes 101, Dunkin Donuts, The Homestead Restaurant and Tavern, Inside Scoop, Pizza Bella, The Purple Finch, Sun Shui, Sweet Lilac Bakery, Taipei and Tokyo, T-Bones, Whole Foods, and Yianni’s Pizza.