Monday, August 8, 2016

Welcome Back!!

Good Afternoon Bulldogs!

I hope my letter finds you all still enjoying the beautiful weather and relaxed pace the summer has blessed us with!  Personally, I have spent some very enjoyable time with my family (especially my grandchildren) at the beach this summer.  I have to be honest, while it has been a bit of a challenge making the transition back to school, I am soooo excited about this school year because it marks the beginning of our tenth year as a high school, and more importantly, it affords all of us an opportunity to experience a fresh start.
For those of you who had a good experience last year, a new beginning is an opportunity to establish a new set of goals to work toward, set higher standards for yourself, or to find ways to expand your experiences in the new year.   For students who may have struggled because of choices made that led to poor outcomes; it’s an opportunity for you to reinvent yourself and have a fresh start with new teachers, new classmates, and new friends.
For years now at BHS the “Red Line” at our doorways has served as a reminder to students and staff alike that “it is ok to be where you are, but not ok to stay there!”  It is our reminder that each day brings an opportunity to grow in some way whether in or outside of the classroom.  As I have each year I challenge every Bulldog to take advantage of the fresh start and to find a way to grow each and every day!
And, while we still have a little summer left, I thought you might be interested in the first school day schedule below so that you have a sense of what to expect upon your return.    
1st Day Schedule
August 25h 2016
7:50 Warning Bell
7:55-8:25     All students report to Advisory (Advisory locations will be posted on first floor school walls)
8:30-8:55     R1
9:00-9:25     R2
9:30-9:55     R3
10:00-10:25    R4
10:30-10:55    S1
11:00-1:00      Lunch     (Staff please remain with your students during the lunch and picture time blocks. Take your lunch when the
                                      students are in the Theater with administration)
   Seniors           Lunch
   Juniors           Theater
   Sophomores       Advisory
   Freshmen     Gym for Photos
   Seniors           Theater
   Juniors           Lunch
   Sophomores       Gym for Photos
   Freshmen       Advisory
   Seniors           Advisory
   Juniors           Gym for Photos
   Sophomores     Lunch
   Freshmen     Theater
   Seniors           Gym for Photos
   Juniors           Advisory
   Sophomores      Theater
   Freshmen               Lunch
1:05-1:30     S2
1:35-2:00     S3
2:05-2:35     S4
Remind to all students that 8/26 will be a RED  Day.
I wish each of you the very best as we head into the new year.  Remember that your teachers, principals, paraprofessionals, nurses, custodians, and support staff are all here to help you be as successful as you choose to be.  Take advantage of these people resources especially when you need guidance, assistance, or extra help.  We are all looking forward to the best year at BHS yet!
See You Soon!

Mr. H

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