Tuesday, March 1, 2016



I hope everyone enjoyed their February Break. In just two short days (March 2), all Juniors will take the new SAT throughout the State of NH. All BHS Juniors have registered and are primed to take the test at Saint Anselm College on Wednesday. We are very excited for this opportunity to assess our students in a meaningful and impactful way. Here are a few important reminders for Wednesday:
  • Students should eat a hearty breakfast and properly hydrate prior to arriving at St. Anselm's.
  • Students need to be on the Saint Anselm College campus by 7:30am. They are welcome to drive as the college is on break and there is plenty of parking available to us. Please follow signs from the main campus entrance to the appropriate parking lot. If students need a ride to St. Anselm there will be a bus available. The bus will leave BHS promptly at 7:15am sharp from the Main Office. 
  • Testing will run from approximately 7:30am to 12:45pm on this day with intermittent breaks. Students may bring their own snacks and water bottles for break times. We will also provide granola bars and bottled water for each student.
  • STUDENTS MUST BRING A PHOTO ID WITH THEM TO TESTING. Acceptable forms are a Driver's License or BHS School ID from this year. Students may visit the Counseling Office Tuesday if they need a new ID made.
  • There will be lots of BHS faculty on hand to help direct students from the parking lot to the testing building (Alumni Hall).
  • Students should not bring any academic materials or backpacks with them for the day. They will only need to bring #2 pencils and a calculator. The College Board only certifies certain calculators, so students need to be sure that their's is acceptable. Calculators on phones are not acceptable.
  • NO CELL PHONES WILL BE PERMITTED IN THE TESTING ROOMS OR DURING BREAKS. This is a College Board policy and could make any test(s) null and void if discovered. If a phone was to even audibly vibrate during the test, we must fill out an irregularity report, possibly voiding all tests in that room. Please leave all phones in cars or at home on this day.No exceptions.
  • Students must stay and complete the whole test. There are no dismissals permitted.
Students may still visit Khan Academy/SAT Info and Prep for more information regarding the test as well as practice opportunities.

Best of luck to all of our Class of 2017 on this endeavor!

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