Monday, March 7, 2016

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From the Principal:
Good Afternoon,
Thank You St. A’s!
This past week all students in the Junior class took the S.A.T. to fulfill the state assessment requirement.  The administration of these types of large exams can be very disruptive to the entire school.  However, through the generosity and help of St. Anslem’s College and their staff, all students at BHS saw business as usual and our junior test-takers had a quiet uninterrupted opportunity to complete these important exams.
The Danes are coming!
This Saturday BHS will be welcoming students and teachers from our sister school in Denmark.  Thank you to all of the host families that have opened their homes in support of our exchange students.  Without your hospitality and generosity BHS students would miss this wonderful cultural opportunity.  

Heirloom Histories
BHS is looking for your family stories!!
As any good historian knows, without the stories, history is lost. It is the people, the places, the memories and the connections that create the fabric of history. The idea behind Heirloom Histories is to preserve the history of our BHS families by sharing the stories. Each story is a piece of who we are, individually and collectively.
We wanted our stories to be accessible throughout the world. Thus, the historian and the librarian came together to create a database containing our stories. Our hope is to grow our database, instill a sense of pride and community within our students, and share great stories of significant lives.
We hope you enjoy and encourage others to preserve and share their heirloom stories.  You can access the website here:  Heirloom Histories
Important Dates and Events:

From the Counseling Department:
We will continue to accept Advanced Placement registrations through next week. Please have the AP test form and payment (made out to “Bedford High School”) to the Counseling Office by March 11th.
From the Deans:

Club News:

In Sports:
Below is the link to our sports schedule next week.  Preliminary and quarterfinal playoffs are included.

From the SAU:
RAL/BHS Traffic Flow
Some parents have contacted us about the traffic challenges at the end of the day.  When the Bedford Police Department is fully staffed, they have told us they will have an officer at the Nashua and Country Road intersection at the end of the school day.  In the meantime, here are five key things that parents and students can do to help.  
  1. TAKE THE BUS whenever possible.
  2. YIELD to pedestrians at all times when on campus.
  3. PULL AHEAD.  The tighter you pull in, the more cars our lot can handle.
  4. TAKE TURNS at the main intersections when congestion is high.
  5. ARRIVE A LITTLE LATE. If you arrive 10 minutes after school dismisses, traffic has begun to clear and pick up is more convenient.
Bedford ​School District Vote on Tuesday March 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
All voters in Bedford are urged to vote on Tuesday, March 8 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m​ at the Bedford High School gymnasium​. These are the key issues to be decided:
  • OPERATING BUDGET: The proposed operating budget is $68.3M, a 3.9% increase over this year. The increase is primarily due to personnel, health insurance benefits, and significant building maintenance.  If the proposed budget is voted down, the default budget would be $2.3M lower.  
  • SIDEWALK: There is separate article to fund the construction of a sidewalk along Nashua Road from the Bedford High School lower parking lot to the Department of Public Works parking lot. The cost would be $234,000.
  • CAPITAL RESERVES: There are two separate articles about our unused capital reserve funds.  One article would discontinue them.  The other would re-purpose those same funds for a building maintenance reserve. The total amount as of June 30, 2015 was $478,518. Together these two article would have no tax impact.
  • Additional information ​can be found here.​
​The total estimated tax impact of a "yes" vote on all articles would be $0.66 per thousand, which would be an increase of $198 for the year on a a $300,000 home. ​

From the PTG:

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