Monday, January 11, 2016

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Parent Drop -Off

I seems to me that drop-off is moving a little smoother in and out of the parking lot.  This morning Officer Donahue indicated backup on the roads was far less than most days this year.  I believe that by using the left hand turns through the Lurgio lot and pulling as far forward in the lot we can continue to reduce traffic on the roads.  Working together we can make the drop off experience so much smoother!  One other thing we can do to improve backup on the street is to avoid using the lower student lot for drop off.  It was noted by Officer Donahue today that every time a parent exited the lower lot it immediately backed up traffic on the roads.  

Competency Recovery Week (CRW) is scheduled for Jan. 20 through 23.  

Students who have not achieved competency standards in a course(s) are required to attend these half days during the block this course is scheduled (schedule below).  Teachers will inform those students (and the Parents of) who will need to attend the CRW.   IB and AP students may also be scheduled for testing during this week in order to meet program obligations.  All other students are not required to be at school.    

Good Afternoon,
In my email on Friday the dates for competency recovery were incorrect.  The recovery week begins on January 19th and ends on January 22nd.  Sorry for any confusion.


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