Tuesday, January 5, 2016

BHS News

Parent Drop Off/Pick-up

Although it was a cold start to the day, it seemed the morning drop off went a little smoother than in the past.  Please remember as you come up the road to the circle you may take any of the three left hand turns into Lurgio lots and/or take a right hand turn into the top lot in front of the high school.  We ask that you avoid taking right hand turns into the other two lots because of student parking during that time.  I noticed that parents using the left hand turns through Lurgio got out faster because they did not need to cross heavy traffic to get out.  

Attendance Calls

This is a reminder that the high requires a call, note, or email to excuse an student from school.  Notification by parents must be made on the day of the absence.  Students will be marked "unexcused" if timely notification is not provided.   The link below takes you to our school handbook for the procedure.

Chromebook Meeting

The Chromebook journey has been exciting to watch develop.  There are many more positive things happening in our classrooms now that there is so much more capacity for students.  However, because there is so much more capacity there has been an understandable impact on the network. To address this issue we had a brief meeting during Advisory today of the 9-11 grade students to reinforce the idea that Chromebooks are for "Educational Use"during school.  With more users the network can become slower.  When students add "gaming or live streaming" during their managed time it slows the network even more.  Please help us to reinforce the message that Chromebooks are for school applications and school work.   

Happy New Year 


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