Friday, June 12, 2015

Graduation will be held outside!

Good Morning!

After careful review of numerous weather forecasts and models, and in consultation with weather experts, The 2015 graduation ceremony will be held in Bulldog Stadium!   According to all models (at least right now) there is a slight chance (20%) of light precipitation around 7:00 am to 8:00 am. If you plan to arrive early, I suggest you come prepared for some light precipitation.  

It would be really helpful if everyone thinks sunny thoughts!  

Monday, June 8, 2015

BHS News...lots happening this week!

Good Morning!

A lot happening this week!  
Students Studying Spanish
Please let your teacher or Mr. Jozokos know if you are interested in participating in our Spanish Exchange program by hosting an exchange student and going to Spain next spring.  Students were given information about the exchange in their classes.  More information about the exchange is available here:
Seniorsbe sure to return all text books to the library as soon as possible.  Payment for lost books can be paid at Mr. Jozokos' office.
Adjusted Senior Week Activities Schedule.
Attendance is Mandatory for all events
Review of Senior responsibilities for the week in theater.
9:00-11:00a.m. Grad Rehearsal and Tommy V Hypnotist in theater
WEAR your college t-shirts & Bring your yearbooks!!!
Senior gift presentation,
Grad Rehearsal and Senior Slideshow in theater
11:30am Senior Cookout/Carnival at Town Pool
9:00-11:00pm -Cap and Gown distribution, Grad Rehearsal, & class photo in theater  
5:30pm Scholarship Reception in Commons
(students getting a scholarship will get a personal invite)
7:00pm Sr. Awards Night

1:00-3:00pm -Graduation Practice on field, receive tickets and parking pass.

Rain or Shine
Seniors arrive by 8:45a.m.
Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.08.58 AM.png

Graduation Information 2015

Graduation will be held rain or shine on June 13th at 10:00 am.  The location will be either at Bulldog Stadium or in the Gymnasium.  The BHS website will be our primary source for disseminating information. We will make a decision regarding location Friday at noon.

The following information pertains to a 10:00am outdoor graduation
  • *Each senior will be given one parking pass for the upper lot that they can use either for themselves or for their family.  There will be spots reserved for our Handicapped guests located next to the concession stand.
  • *The parking and Stadium lot will open at 7:30 sharp
  • *Seniors will need to be in the high school by 8:45
  • *Seating will be first come first serve. 
  • *No tickets are necessary for an outside event. 
  • *Everyone is asked to be in your seats by 9:45
  • *The Theater will be open for those choosing to watch the graduation streamed into the Theater. (FYI the Theater is air-conditioned, and no ticket is required)
  • *The ceremony will last approximately 2 hours.
  • A professional photographer will take pictures of each graduate receiving their diploma. 
  • *We ask that all guests remained seated for the entire graduation ceremony.
  • * Graduates will receive their diplomas from their Advisors.  The distribution of the diplomas will be determined by their advisors last name

The following information pertains to an Indoor Ceremony event at 10:00am on June 13th.
  • *The parking lot will open at 7:30 sharp
  • *Seniors will need to report to the main office by 8:45
  • *Tickets are required for this event.  Each senior will be given 8 tickets at the rehearsal on June 12th ; 6 tickets for the Gymnasium and 2 for the Theater.
  • *Everyone is asked to be in your seats by 9:45.
  • *We ask that all guests remained seated for the entire graduation ceremony.
  • * Graduates will receive their diplomas from their Advisors.  The distribution of the diplomas will be determined by their advisors last name.


  • Upper Parking Lot Opens at 7:30am and closes at 9:00 sharp
    • Only people with approved parking passes are allowed to park in the upper lot.
      • Seniors (1 each), VIP
    • Handicap Parking (must have handicap tag)
    • Faculty Parking
    • Lower Campus is open on a first come, first serve basis

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Schedule Process Update

Good Morning,

We are heading toward the release of student schedules (June 10) for next year.  As is always the case, we are constantly evaluating our systems and procedures to ensure they are meeting student needs, teacher needs, and operational needs.  To this end, adjustments to scheduling procedures have been ongoing over a number of years.  Scheduling adjustments have been based on maximizing teaching and learning at the start of the year, determining courses/sections based on student requests, utilizing teacher resources to the best of our ability, and maintaining the integrity of transcripts. However, appropriately balancing these needs is a complicated and challenging task.  Our continued review of the process has led us to make an adjustment in the withdrawal procedure before a student starts in a course and as a transitional step toward next year’s course selection process.
During the four days following the release of the schedules, students may meet with their counselor on only the designated dates to make adjustments to a schedule. Therefore, as of June 17th, all 2015-2016 schedules will be final.  The only exception remains with level changes in the first four weeks of school.  I have included (in red) the one adjustment we have made to the scheduling process below.  All other procedures will remain in place.  
The schedule for adjustments is:
Rising Seniors:          The afternoons of June 11 and 12
Rising Juniors:           The afternoons of June 12 and 15
Rising Sophomores:        The afternoons of June 15 and 16
Incoming Freshmen:        The afternoons of June 16 and 17
I want to thank the students and parents for your patience and your feedback.  Our goal is always to do our best by our students within the limitations of our resources.   

Scheduling Process and Procedure:

Schedules are final unless the following is the case:
Reasons for a schedule adjustment:
  • Graduation requirements are missing
  • Prerequisite requirements have not been met for scheduled courses
  • Duplication of courses
Adding a Course:
  • A student may add a course if they have an open block created by late arrival, early release, managed time, or level change, and there is an open seat in the course desired. (A withdrawal from a course does not create an open opportunity in that student’s schedule).
Withdrawing from a Course:
  • Students may withdraw from a course only during the designated dates for schedule changes before the course begins and will receive a “W” (withdrawal) on their transcript the course will be removed from the schedule without a withdrawal designation. Once the class has begun, the student will receive the appropriate designation of “WP”(withdrawn pass) or “WF” (withdrawn fail) on their permanent transcript. Withdrawals are permitted in year-long classes until the end of quarter three and until the quarter break in semester classes.  
  • All withdrawal forms will require parent/guardian and department Dean signatures since the result will be recorded on the student’s transcript
Fall “Level Change Period” (formally known as Drop/Add period)
  • This period is the first 4 weeks at the start of school and will be for course level changes only. Given that there are no leveled semester courses, no Level Change Period is necessary in semester two.  
  • Level changes are defined only as changes between PSP, Honors, AP/IB

The National Honor Society is celebrating the graduation of our Seniors!

The National Honor Society is celebrating the graduation of our Seniors!  Junior NHS members are hosting a Balloon Bouquet Fundraiser to promote future community service projects.  Have a bouquet delivered to your senior graduation morning.  The details are included in the link below!