Friday, May 22, 2015

Scheduling Process

Scheduling Process

Back on January 29th, I communicated with you in my Principal Notes about changes to the scheduling process at BHS. The changes were necessary to ensure integrity of student transcripts to colleges and employers, and to maximize our staffing resources.  Additionally, the enrollment growth of our school and the overwhelming number of schedule changes being requested during the first four weeks of school debilitated the teaching and learning process during that time. These issues are the major drivers in the decision to adjust the scheduling timeline and limit our course change process to three areas for adjusting a completed schedule.

The main change to the timeline for this year has been to get completed schedules in students’ hands before the end of school in June.  To that end, counselors have been working diligently to examine every schedule to review graduation requirements, course pathways, prerequisite requirements, and duplications on schedules.  We have undertaken this tedious process to provide every student with an appropriate schedule and one that has as many courses the student requested as possible.

The schedule received by students in June will be a final schedule.  I have included our process and procedure for making adjustments.  The three areas in which adjustments can be made are level changes, withdrawals, or adding a class as defined below.  

Scheduling Process and Procedure:
The course selection process begins in February each year with information sharing sessions for students and parents. Guided by teacher recommendations, students and parents make course requests of interest in both the core and elective areas.  Once this process is complete, course sections are developed based on student requests.  We designate our teacher resources to match courses selected by students. Counselors review every schedule prior to distribution for accuracy.  Schedules are distributed before the close of school.  

Schedules are final unless the following is the case:
  • Graduation requirements are missing
  • Prerequisite requirements have not been met for scheduled courses.
  • Duplication of courses

Adding a Course:
  • A student may add a course if they have an open block created by late arrival/early release, managed time, or course level change; and there is an open seat in the course desired. (A withdrawal from a course does not create an open opportunity in that student’s schedule).

Withdrawing for a Course:
  • Students may withdraw from a course before the class begins and will receive a “W” (withdrawal) on their transcript. Once the class has begun, the student will receive the appropriate designation of “WP”(withdrawn pass) or “WF” (withdrawn fail) on their permanent transcript.  Withdrawals are permitted in year-long classes until the end of quarter three and until the quarter break in semester classes.  
  • All withdrawal forms will require parent/guardian and department Dean signatures since the result will be recorded on the student’s transcript

Fall “Level Change Period” (formally known as drop/add period):
  • This period is the first four weeks at the start of school and is designated for course level changes only.  Given that there are no leveled semester courses, no Level Change Period is available in semester two.  
  • Level changes are defined only as changes between AB, PSP, Honors, AP/IB
There will be designated dates and times before school begins in August for the adjustments as outlined above.


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