Monday, May 18, 2015

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Reminder to 8th Grade Parents

This reminder goes out to all parents of our 8th grade parents about our May 21st,  8th Grade Parent Night; "The Nuts and Bolts of High School."  It will be held in the Theater beginning at 6:00pm.  The presentation and general questions session usually runs about 75 minutes.  See you there!


As you may have heard, BHS now as a new website. There are two ways to get there.
1. Type in our direct link:
2. Launch the high school website from the District website (this can be found under the schools tab).
You know that you are on the right site if you see a black background. Our old site will officially disappear over the summer when the rest of the district transitions their websites to the new service.
We thank you for your understanding.

Reminder to 9th and 10th Grade Parents.
9th and 10th grade students have a digital portfolio requirement to meet each year that goes toward their required 1/2 credit for graduation. Students must upload a minimum of four artifacts to their portfolio each year. These artifacts are not additional work. Instead, students are uploading projects that they have already completed in their classes to showcase the technology standards that they have meet. Information and instructions on how students are to manage their portfolio can be found under the Academics Tab on the new high school website.

Lyme's Disease

The warm weather let's us spend more time outside.  As a result, it is important to remember to be cautious about ticks and the possibility of Lyme's Disease.  This link from the Center for Disease Control has some helpful information for parents.

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