Thursday, October 30, 2014

BHS: Senior Project

October 30, 2014

Dear Parents of our Seniors,

With the close of grades for quarter one, I thought it timely to remind you to emphasize to your senior son or daughter about the expectations for Senior Project work.  We spent considerable time with seniors at the start of the school year and during the first quarter discussing the changes to Senior Project for this year.  The one significant adjustment made from last year was in the grading policy.  

In the past, although assignments were to be turned in each quarter as a way of demonstrating and verifying seniors were engaged in the “year-long journey” expected from the experience, not all seniors embraced this approach. Last year, our seniors virtually had until well into the fourth quarter to complete and turn in all requirements of the project.  It became evident that a growing number of students were not meeting the standard of the “year-long” study as we had expected. As a way to maintain the Senior Project as a rigorous capstone experience, the grading criteria was reviewed and adjusted.  

This year, grading of Senior Project work (pass/fail) is done by quarter with a culminating year-long grade at the conclusion of the student’s presentation. There are a total of twenty-two assignments that must receive a passing grade in order to successfully earn Senior Project credit (a graduation requirement). Certain requirements have been identified for completion in each marking period, allowing a reasonable and scaffolded approach to the work.  Any missing assignment(s) for a marking period will cause a senior to fail.  If a senior fails any two marking periods, they will not be allowed to present at year end and therefore, not meet the graduation standard, i.e. not be included in graduation ceremonies. Failing Senior Project would then be cause for attendance at summer school to complete the required work and presentation.

I am writing to you now so you can prompt your son or daughter to stay on top of their Senior Project requirements throughout the year.  We do look forward to many outstanding presentations this June, and we want your son or daughter’s to be one of them!



Monday, October 27, 2014

BHS: News

PTG News
Gift card sales for the Holiday Season start on October 20th!  There are two submission dates: 11/5 & 12/2 - orders can be ready for the holidays.   Click here for an order form!
SKI AND SKATE SALE at BHS will be the Saturday, November 22.  This is a big event, put it your calendars!
PTG NIGHT WITH THE MONARCHS  Flyers and order forms are available at all schools.  A PDF is attached above. 
BHS News
  • MST Open House will take place on Wednesday 10/22 from 6 - 8 pm. This is an opportunity for parents to visit the MST teachers and classrooms. Students are welcome to attend the Open House as well.
  • All seniors should schedule a Senior Meeting with their Counselor ASAP
  • Quarter 1 at BHS ends on Friday 10/31.
  • BHS students are invited to attend visits with College Representatives in the BHS Counseling Office. Over 100 colleges send representatives to BHS during September, October, and November. Students can find the list of colleges planning to visit and sign up for a 1/2 hour group info session on Naviance. Naviance registration in advance is required. 
Public Health Information 
While we do not see any need for concern about Enterovirus or Ebola in the Bedford Schools, information is always helpful.  To that end, the NH Department of Health and Human Services held an Ebola and Enterovirus conference call last Friday for town and school officials.  As a follow up, they provided these links for the most up-to-date information on both diseases from the NH Department of Health and Human Services:  
The links contain fact sheets, frequently answered questions (that are updated regularly), videos, etc.

Parent/Teacher  Conference (PTC Wizard) sign-ups will begin on Monday, October 27th  through Sunday, November 9th. Conferences are being held Monday, November 17th - Thursday, November  20th.    Please cut and paste the link below and follow the directions on how to make your appointments with your students teachers.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BHS: Homecoming

Everyone is Invited!
This coming weekend is BHS Homecoming weekend!  It promises to be an exciting time at BHS.  The majority of our teams are scheduled to play at home on the evening of October 10th and all of Saturday,  October 11th.  I have attached the Homecoming scheduled to this email.  With our first BHS class having already graduated from college, we hope the homecoming weekend will be a way to bring our alumni back to campus.  Please pass the word on to any BHS grad we would love to see them this weekend! 

Principal's Coffee
I have moved the Coffee to Thursday October 16th, as I will be heading to Virginia Thursday evening to be with my daughter and new granddaughter!