Thursday, September 11, 2014

BHS: Traffic on Campus

Dear Parents,

Yesterday afternoon during the Middle school dismissal a student walking in the road from the upper Middle\High school parking lot to the lower lot on Nashua Road was struck by a car.  We are grateful that, despite her injuries, she will be returning to school tomorrow. This incident and the volume of traffic on our campus during arrival and dismissal have raised concerns about the safety of students.  

I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone of a few important practices that help keep students safe. When transporting students to the high school, please use the high school driveway, turn left into the top parking lot and pull as far forward as possible before stopping. Please do not park and wait for students in the driveway as it prevents through traffic to the back lot and gymnasium.  I would like to remind everyone when on campus to drive carefully and adhere to the posted speed limit.  Additionally, please keep in mind student foot traffic is greatly increased around dismissal time as hundreds of students are walking to their cars and athletic fields. 

I will be meeting with student drivers to remind them of traffic patterns, posted speed limits and the need to keep a watchful eye out for pedestrians. 

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated and may help to prevent another incident.



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