Wednesday, September 3, 2014

BHS: Dress Code for School

Good Morning,

I am asking for your help. On the first day of school I met with each grade level.  Among the topics shared with students during each meeting was very clear language on school attire and how to judge whether the attire for school met what we believe is a reasonable standard.  We reminded them to review the dress code language in the handbook, we offered some simple ways to determine appropriateness i.e. when you put your arms at your side do you feel cloth?" If not, too short.  "Are your boxers showing? if yes, pull up pants and use a belt.  We have spent a great deal of time over these opening days giving students an opportunity to change outfits when not meeting the standard (I am always surprised by how many students have a backup out fit with them).  I certainly understand it has been very warm and humid the past few days and lighter clothes are more comfortable.  I can say with great confidence that many students have found ways to dress comfortably and still meet the dress standards.  However, given the effort has not seemed to impact the behavior, we have announced to students, beginning tomorrow, a student not meeting the reasonable standard for appropriate dress will be sent home and the day considered an unexcused absence.  The consequence of an unexcused absence means a student who is sent home will receive a zero for any work missed that day.  
Please help us to avoid this step by talking to your son or daughter (I will say this issue has been more about the girls apparel) about what they are wearing to school. 


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