Friday, April 11, 2014

Polar Plunge Warning

A recent fad has emerged on social media sites. The "Polar Plunge" seems to be making its way around numerous towns in New Hampshire.  The Polar Plunge is not a school activity.  The Plunge is being promoted via the social networks used by students.  The Polar Plunge is being done as a result of a challenge or just as an anticipated fun activity.  What is it? Students are running in, or diving into ice cold bodies of water.  Local lakes and rivers are serving as locations for this activity.
Because this type of activity is similar to the various fund raising events that we see on television every year, many students are not considering the real danger jumping into ice cold water poses to the body.  Severe cramping, stunted blood flow to extremities, rapid heart rate, and disorientation all can lead to drowning.  Although charity events can cause the same dangerous reactions, the events are supported by trained emergency personnel. To add to the danger, high water levels and fast currents in streams and rivers present additional life threatening conditions.  
Our young peoples safety is our first concern.  Please discourage your son or daughter about this dangerous activity. 


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