Tuesday, August 27, 2013

BHS: Lottery Parking

Parking Lottery for Seniors and Juniors!!!

Beginning Tuesday, September 3rd, Juniors and Seniors may enter the parking lottery.   The Main Office will  accept forms until September 6th, until the close of the school day.

Requirements:  Parking form must be filled out completely and be accompanied by a copy of your license, registration, and payment of $110.00. Also, any obligations such as book fines, lock fines….must be satisfied in order to enter the lottery.

Winners will be posted outside the Main Office, Tuesday September 10th.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

BHS: Counseling News

On behalf of the Counseling Team:


We hope this message finds you all enjoying a nice summer break and you’re rejuvenated and  (almost!) ready for the new school year to begin!

There have been some changes in the Counseling Department this summer and we want to make all of our returning students and families aware of these changes. We are thrilled to inform you that last winter the School Board approved an additional School Counselor position, which means that student caseloads have decreased and the school counselors will have more time for each of their students. With this change comes movement in the caseload assignments, so please be look at the list below and see if you/your student will be working with a new counselor this year. Please know that the department works as a team to ensure that the transition from one counselor to another is as seamless as possible. We are especially sensitive to the fact that this is a big year for our Seniors and college application process will continue to be followed closely.

Also, Zanna Blaney has begun her new position as Dean of Student Services for Bedford High School. She leaves behind a beloved caseload, but is excited for a different kind of work for the entire student population! With her change in roll came an opportunity to hire another new School Counselor. Therefore, we are welcoming two, fantastic people to the counseling team, Joe Rider and Ali Puffer. They both come to us with a great deal of experience (working in places like Detroit and Harvard!) and will be strong advocates for you or your son/daughter.

Granted, the caseloads aren’t as easy to remember as in the past, but they are much smaller!

A-Cl: Kristie Torbick
Cm-Gi: Ali Puffer
Gj-K: Nadine Palmer
L & M: Joe Rider
N-Sc: Christine Mulcahey
Sd-Z: Lisa Jacques

We thank you for your support and welcome any questions.

~The BHS Counseling Team

Thursday, August 8, 2013

BHS: Updated information regarding InfoSnap

Good Morning,

I want to thank the many parents who completed the Infosnap forms on-line.  And, as you should have expected (because I told you) your son or daughter's schedule should have been available.  I have come to learn this morning through receipt of many calls and emails that schedules were not available.  I have communicated with our IT department and it seems I have misinterpreted the "turn-around time" for the system.  Without going into the technical points, it will take two days to process the information once you have completed the forms.  Once you have completed the information in Infosnap, schedules should be available on the third day.
I apologize for my misunderstanding of the new system, and for any frustration you have had as a result.  


Monday, August 5, 2013

BHS News

Good Morning!

Please don't panic, Summer is still in session!!  I hope it has been an enjoyable one for you and your family.  It does seem to go by faster and faster each year.   There are a few things happening at the high school I wanted you to be aware of in a timely manner.  Below I have listed the events happening before the opening of school:

Athletics:   The Athletic office will be open from 8am until noon through August 19th
For complete information about "everything" Fall athletics go to: http://www.sau25.net/bedfordHigh.cfm?subpage=257431

Band Camp:  Camp this year will be on Aug. 12 - 16, at school, Mon. - Fri., 9 AM - 3 PM each day.

Senior Pictures:  
Class of 2014 - Senior Pictures
You can contact Hockmeyer Studios to set up your senior pictures at Hockymeyer Studios:  http://hockstudio.com/
Dates they will be at BHS:  6/27 & 6/28     ~   8:00am to 2:00pm,  7/31  - 8/07     ~   8:00 am to 2:00pm

Schedule Adjustments:
  • August 7th-August 20thFocus on registering new students. For current students, counselors will only change what is required for graduation (i.e. make adjustments for failed Summer School classes, double-check Seniors work towards graduation & athletes meet NCAA reqs., ensure underclassmen have what they need for core courses.) 
  • August 21st-August 29th-  Counselors review individual student schedules for any missing electives.
  • August 27th- First day of school!
  • FridayAugust 30th- The Counseling Office is open only to SENIORS to make course change requests. These meetings will happen in the office, not the library, so that counselors have all materials they need for reference (student folder and credit counts).
  • MondaySeptember 2nd- The Counseling Office will be in the Library to see underclassmen regarding Silver day course change requests.
  • TuesdaySeptember 3rd- The Counseling Office will be in the Library to see underclassmen regarding Red day course  change requests.

InfoSnap and Student Schedules (Aug. 7th)
The  new online registration system (InfoSnap) will be activated on August  7th. Parent/guardians will be notified via email with instructions on how to access the registration system for their child. The email notification will support a link that contains a secure “snapcode” that connects you directly to their child’s information. Parent/guardians will be required to create an account that will be used for this process. A form must be submitted for each child in your family, thus an email notification will be generated for each child. Once you have successfully submitted one registration, parent/guardians will have the opportunity to begin another from the “Confirmation” page and the option to copy family information and emergency contacts to other children in your family.
The email address that we have on file at BHS will be used for the notification. Please contact the school’s main office if we do not have your most recent email address or if you do not receive the infosnap registration email.
We would appreciate all families to take action and complete the online registration as soon as possible after receiving the email. Your child’s registration will not be complete until the online forms have been submitted.  As soon as you complete this process your son or daughter's course schedule for the 13-14 school year will be available.
If you do not have access to the Internet, contact the school and you can make an appointment to use a school computer to complete the process. If you have any further questions, please contact your child’s school office.

I know as you head out for back-to-school shopping what is "fashionable" is always part of the conversation for shopping decisions.  Please keep in mind that we do not permit clothing that is too short, too low, or that represents poor taste.  Please take a moment to refer to the Student Handbook (online) on the BHS website.