Friday, May 10, 2013

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Dress Code: 

The arrival of the warm weather (finally) prompts me to remind the students of the difference between school wear and beach wear!   We will be reminding all students they are to keep a sense of modesty in mind as they plan their daily attire.   We do realize that the building can become very warm at this time of year so lighter weight clothing is understandable.  Below I have shared some guidelines you may use to assist your son or daughter as they select clothes for the day.  

For the Guys the issue is pants being worn too low.  If the underclothing shows they probably need to pull up their pants and tighten the belt.

For the girls the issues are tops too low and shorts/skirts to short.   For shorts and skirts; if the arms are held relaxed at their sides finger tips should touch cloth.  For tops cleavage should not show.  

We made announcements explaining the dress expectations to all students last week.  We have policed the dress code this week and allowed students to change without consequence.  As we did last year, today students will be reminded that if they are in violation of the dress code as of May 13th, they will be sent home for the day, and an "unexcused absence" will be recorded. Any work missed during that day will receive a zero.   Any athlete who is sent home for a dress code violation will be ineligible for athletics.    

We believe the students have been given a fair and reasonable amount of time to understand the dress expectations. 
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Bedford Crew!
The Bedford Crew Club is holding a Pasta Dinner fundraiser on Friday night, May 17th from 6:00pm – 8:30pm at the Old Town Hall.  For only$10/person ($12 at the door, $5 for under 5 years) you get Pasta, Meatballs in Marinara Sauce, Salad, Rolls, Boneless Chicken Breast, Dessert, and a Beverage!  All the food is cooked and prepared by the fabulous Denise Ricciardi.  In addition to the best meatballs in town, there will be music and door prizes!  For more information or to purchase tickets, email Lori Ashooh at

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