Tuesday, May 28, 2013

BHS: Co-curricular/Athletic Survey


The BHS Community Senate has discussed the "Athletic Tardy" policy found in the Co-Curricular Handbook this year . The question being debated; "Should athletes be held to a different standard than other students when it comes to being tardy to school?" As a way to generate student/staff/parent feedback on this issue we would like your participation in a very brief Google Survey which will be open to the public on Wednesday.  Also, please encourage your Advisees to use any device (school computer, personal device, or phone) to complete the survey during the next three long advisory days.  Because the survey is open to the public they may also complete the survey from home.   The two tardy procedures are spelled out on the survey for comparison purposes.  The link is below.  It will also be on our web site under News.

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