Friday, February 15, 2013

BHS News Updates

Course Selection Reminder:
If you have yet to enter your son or daughter's request for courses for next year, the Powerschool Course Selection window closes on Monday, February 18th.  If you are having difficulty accessing the Parent account please contact the Main Office for assistance.  

Principal's Coffee
The Principal's Coffee is scheduled for February 19th, will be held at 7:00pm in the Library.  The Coffee is presently scheduled on the PTG calendar for 9am, however, Dean of Student Service, James Brown will be speaking on the college process and available for questions.  Please contact Deb Delahunty at if you are interested in attending.

Transition to an electronic report card

Dear Parents,

At the end of the third quarter, Bedford High School and Lurgio Middle School will switch from paper report cards to electronic report cards. Parents will receive an email notice that the final grades for the quarter have been posted in the Powerschool Parent Portal.

We are making this change for several reasons.  It will further reduce our use of paper.  More importantly, the change allows parents, students and teachers to discuss a student’s performance based on the most up-to-date grades stored in the Parent Portal.  Unlike the old paper report card, the Parent Portal allows parents and students to “click through” students’ grades and see teacher comments, assignment descriptions, and individual assignments that comprise the grade.

As with any change, we anticipate parents and students will have questions.  We have answered some that we anticipate parents might ask.  If you have additional questions, please contact me at 310-9000.


Bill and Ed

PS At Bedford High School, if a student has a Y5 grade, the year-long average grade, of F or NCF, this means the student is NOT currently passing the class.  This is true even if a student has a passing grade for the most recent quarter.  

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have not logged into Powerschool’s Parent Portal.  How do I do that?
Your first step is to pick up a letter at your child's school which will include their student access id and password. The access id's and passwords do not change from year to year so if you have the information from last year, you can use that. The whole process can be found at: this link:

  • I want something I can put up on the refrigerator.  What do I do?
You can print off the first page of the parent portal grade tab which displays all of a student’s grades for the year.

  • What do all those codes mean?
    • Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 stands for Quarter 1, Quarter 2, Quarter 3, and Quarter 4
    • Y5 stands for the rolling average for the whole Year.  It is the grade the student has earned to date for the year.
    • NCF is a grade only for Bedford High School meaning one of the competency grades is below 70 percent and therefore the student is failing the course.  NCF show up in the Y5 grade only.
  • I still want a paper report card.  Can I get one?
Although all the same information (and more) is available on the Parent Portal, we will still honor parents’ requests for an individual paper report card this year.  Requests can be made through the guidance department.  You can call  310-9000 for Bedford High School and 310-9100 for Lurgio Middle School.

  • What will I use for my good student discount for my car insurance (and other requests for a student’s report card)?
Typically, insurance companies require a signature from a counselor on a form, rather than a report card.  That procedure will not change.

  • For the high school report card, what happened to the competencies?
The competencies are visible if you click on the standards tab on the parent portal.

  • Are you going to get rid of the Elementary and Intermediate School paper report cards, too?
No, our plan is to use the electronic report card in grades 7 – 12 for the foreseeable future.


Friday, February 8, 2013

BHS News

Good Morning,

All activities at BHS have been canceled today and Saturday.  A decision on Boy's Varsity basketball practice scheduled for late Saturday afternoon is pending. Parents should check alerts on Main page of athletic website for ALL information.


Bill Hagen
Bedford High School

Thursday, February 7, 2013

PTG Barnes & Noble rescheduled

Good Morning, 

We are going to get hit hard with snow beginning Friday and into the weekend and it will make it very difficult to travel. The PTG Barnes and Noble Book Fair has been reschedule to NEXT weekend Friday February 15th & Saturday February 16th.  
The agenda (attached) will remain the same.

Friday, February 1, 2013

BHS News

The Deliberative Session is scheduled for TuesdayFebruary 5, 2013   in the BHS Theater @ 7:00 p.m.  Attached is a link to the Superintendent's blog for more information ... here is the link ....

Child Care Available Feb. 5th Deliberative Session:

High school students in the National Honor Society will be providing child care beginning at 6:30 in the high school library for anyone interested in attending the Deliberative Session.  Activities will include arts and crafts, games, movies and homework help.  

BHS: Course Selection Night
Thursday, February 7, 2013
Site: Bedford High School Theater
Time: 7:00 pm
This is an informational session about schedule development for next year for parents of any BHS student grade 9-12.   

To Sophomore parents:
Are you a parent of a student who is planning on going to college and looking for a program to help your student be as prepared as possible? Come learn more about our school's International Baccalaureate Program.  Mr. Gagnon, Bedford High School's IB Coordinator, will be hosting an IB info night Monday February 4th at 7:00 in the BHS Theater.  This information session will be for any student who is interested in the full IB Diploma or individual IB courses.  

Parent Conferences:
BHS: PTC Wizard Opened 1/28/13 for conference sign-ups
PTC Wizard is open for parent teacher conference sign ups and will remain open for sign ups until 2/7/13 @ 5:00 pm

Scholastic Art Awards
This weekend  the  Scholastic Art Awards Ceremony/Reception will held on Saturday February 2, 2013 at Pinkerton Academy.
BHS students will receive their awards in this prestigious State-Wide competition.  Awards won by BHS students include: one Gold Key, seven Silver Keys, eight Honorable Mention awards.  

Bedford PTG Announces the Annual Barnes & Noble Bookfair!!!
IN-STOREFebruary 8th-9th  | SHOP ONLINEFebruary 8th – 14th  Using Bookfair ID#11006897

We invite you to join us at the Barnes & Noble Bookfair at 1741 S. Willow Street, Manchester for a warm and wonderfully fun family event!  While you shop for new books, movies, toys, and more during this cozy time of year, you and your children will be able to enjoy delightful musical performances, story time, and Destination Imagination!  Be sure to bring our flyer, available, with you and provide it at the time of purchase or just mention the Bedford PTG when you are checking out to help earn money for our schools! 

Interested in winning a free Nook??  The Bedford PTG will be raffling one off so don’t forget to throw your name in the hat by filling out the raffle ticket form on the flyer found on our website  Raffle tickets are only $5.00 and the winner will be chosen Feb. 10th!

Spirit Week.  
Next week BHS comes to life as we participate in a school-wide Spirit Week!  Students and staff enthusiastically engage in a variety of themes designed to promote school spirit.  A week-long friendly class-versus-class competition culminates in a school-wide pep rally on Friday afternoon!  It is a great week!
Themes for the week include:
Monday College
Tuesday Disney
Wednesday Hawaiian Shirt 
Thursday  80's 
Friday Class Color