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Counseling News
The timeline below will give you some indication of our scheduling process at BHS.  The dates may need to be adjusted slightly depending on external factors (i.e. snow storms).

Important Scheduling Dates for 2012-13

January 7January 28:    Teacher Recommendations open in Powerschool

January 25February 4:   Counselors present BHS Scheduling to RAL 
                                        students in Pods

January 28:  All Teacher Recommendations due in Powerschool

February 1:  Parent portal opens for schedule requests in Powerschool

February 7:  Scheduling Information Night BHS (8th – 11th grade)

February 11February 14:  Parent Teacher Conferences

February 18:  Portal closes for all scheduling requests

May 6 (approximately):     Master schedule completed

May 9 (approximately):     RAL and BHS Counselors review schedules

May 15 (approximately):    Schedules available to students/parents

Follow-up to Bomb Threat:
The bomb scare investigations at the high school began immediately following the Dec. 7ththreat and remains ongoing.  Investigations of this nature require time as we follow every rumor and bit of information that is brought to our attention. While we have identified a student responsible for the first threat on the 7th, we continue to investigate the second threat.

Although these matters are confidential,  we want you to know that we are following the appropriate disciplinary process outlined by school board policy.  The process is documented in the BHS (see pg. #18 … link is and Lurgio Parent/Student Handbooks.

Communicating with students about the seriousness of such an action is an important part of preventing future incidents.  To that end, we used Wednesday’s Advisory to hold a school-wide discussion about the incident - how students felt about the threat, understanding the costs of such behavior, identifying the student threshold for reporting such a serious incident, and identifying a process for reporting such a serious incident in the future were the focus points of the discussion. Please take a couple of minutes to talk with your son or daughter about that conversation.

As is the practice anytime a law is violated at school, a report is made to the Bedford Police Department. Once reported to the BPD an independent investigation is conducted. We are not typically privy to the investigation or outcome.

I encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to complete the survey below.  We have received some very helpful feedback already.  We can always improve!


Bill Hagen
Bedford High School

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