Monday, January 28, 2013

Youth Risk Behavior Survey

January 28, 2013

Dear Parent/Guardian,

            On March 6, 2013, the Bedford School District will be conducting a Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS).  This survey is offered to most high school students nationwide, every two years.   For the past twenty years Bedford high school age students have received this survey while students at West High School, and at Bedford High School in 2009 and 2011.  This survey anonymously asks youth about their knowledge, use and perception of risk of illegal and legal substances such as alcohol and illegal drugs.  Students will be asked to complete the brief survey that will take no longer than forty minutes.
            This survey is anonymous and will help the Bedford Community, New Hampshire and the United States of America in developing educational events and trainings for parents, youth and school staff.   Bedford’s results of the YRBS will continue to be used to organize local and state-wide trainings and organize intervention strategies.
            Thank you for all you do as the parents and guardians of Bedford’s youth.  As always, we in the Bedford School District will work tirelessly to stay ahead of the issues our adolescents face with accurate data and scientific, evidenced-based prevention and intervention programs.
            Please print, and return a hard copy of the form below by February 15, 2013,   ONLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR STUDENT EXCLUDED FROM THE SURVEY.


                                                                        Donna LaRue
                                                                        District Youth Counselor


I have read the above and hereby DO NOT give permission for my son/daughter to participate in the YRBS on March 6, 2013.  Please return this form to Donna LaRue, Youth Counselor  47B Nashua Road  Bedford NH 03110.  If you agree to the value of this data and give permission for your child to complete the survey, you do not have to return this form. 

__________________________        _______________________              ___________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                        Student (p  --

Bill Hagen
Bedford High School

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Bedford PTG

Bedford PTG:  New Family Welcome Coffee Invitation
The Bedford PTG is excited to host a Coffee for all of our new families to welcome them to the Bedford School District.   We invite all new families to please join us at the Bedford Public Library (McAllister Room) on FridayFebruary 1st between 9:30am – 10:30am. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

BHS: Sports & After school Cancellations today 1/16/13

1.  Alpine Ski practice will be canceled for today.  Please meet Coach Close in room 322
     at this time for a very brief meeting regarding tomorrows race.

  Boy's Varsity Ice Hockey Game is postponed tonight @ Pembroke. Reschedule 
    date to be determined.

3.  JV Ice Hockey at PINKERTON has been canceled today with no make-up date.
4.  Wrestling hosting Con-Val tonight has been postponed (no school for Con-Val)
     and rescheduled to
Thursday, January 17th at 6:30pm at Bedford.
 ~ BUT ~
Wrestling practice today @ 3:00pm in the mini gym

5.  Boys and Girls indoor track is canceled for today

6.  Nordic Ski Race is canceled for today

7.  NO Intramural Strength Training today

8.  ROBOTICS are canceled for today

9.  Jazz Band is canceled for tonight

Monday, January 14, 2013


Counseling News
The timeline below will give you some indication of our scheduling process at BHS.  The dates may need to be adjusted slightly depending on external factors (i.e. snow storms).

Important Scheduling Dates for 2012-13

January 7January 28:    Teacher Recommendations open in Powerschool

January 25February 4:   Counselors present BHS Scheduling to RAL 
                                        students in Pods

January 28:  All Teacher Recommendations due in Powerschool

February 1:  Parent portal opens for schedule requests in Powerschool

February 7:  Scheduling Information Night BHS (8th – 11th grade)

February 11February 14:  Parent Teacher Conferences

February 18:  Portal closes for all scheduling requests

May 6 (approximately):     Master schedule completed

May 9 (approximately):     RAL and BHS Counselors review schedules

May 15 (approximately):    Schedules available to students/parents

Follow-up to Bomb Threat:
The bomb scare investigations at the high school began immediately following the Dec. 7ththreat and remains ongoing.  Investigations of this nature require time as we follow every rumor and bit of information that is brought to our attention. While we have identified a student responsible for the first threat on the 7th, we continue to investigate the second threat.

Although these matters are confidential,  we want you to know that we are following the appropriate disciplinary process outlined by school board policy.  The process is documented in the BHS (see pg. #18 … link is and Lurgio Parent/Student Handbooks.

Communicating with students about the seriousness of such an action is an important part of preventing future incidents.  To that end, we used Wednesday’s Advisory to hold a school-wide discussion about the incident - how students felt about the threat, understanding the costs of such behavior, identifying the student threshold for reporting such a serious incident, and identifying a process for reporting such a serious incident in the future were the focus points of the discussion. Please take a couple of minutes to talk with your son or daughter about that conversation.

As is the practice anytime a law is violated at school, a report is made to the Bedford Police Department. Once reported to the BPD an independent investigation is conducted. We are not typically privy to the investigation or outcome.

I encourage everyone to take a couple of minutes to complete the survey below.  We have received some very helpful feedback already.  We can always improve!


Bill Hagen
Bedford High School

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Principal's Coffee

Good Morning!

If you are interested in learning about the IB program in advance of scheduling courses for next year, join us for the Principal's Coffee scheduled on January 15th, in the BHS library at 7:00pm.  IB Coordinator Peter Gagnon will be on hand to offer a brief, informal presentation about the IB program and course offerings for next year.  If you are interested in attending (limited to the first 15 responses) please contact


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

BHS: Customer Service Survey

Good Morning,

The Bedford School District strives for continuous incremental improvement in all facets of our work on behalf of kids.  To that end, I am seeking your feedback about the quality of our customer service in specific areas of the operation.  It is a short survey so if you have a couple of minutes your opinion would be appreciated.

You will see this link on all administrators email communications as well as on the school web site under "news."

Click on the link below to complete a customer service survey

Thanks Bill

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

BHS News

Good Afternoon!

It is Friday already!   I have included some of the important events scheduled at BHS.  Please visit our website for additional information.  

Mid-term and Semester Course Final Assessment Schedule, Guidelines and Rules

Rules and Guidelines:
• There are two assessments each day
• Students must remain in the classroom for the full assessment time
• Students must be on time for the assessment; late students are not admitted
• Parents must notify the main office of a student’s absence
    Skipping/cutting an assessment results in a zero
• Scheduling a make-up time must be authorized by an Assistant Principal.
• Students are only required to be at school during the time of their assessments (students do not have to be at school         during times scheduled for managed time, study hall, or after 12:25)
• Once students leave campus, they cannot return unless they are coming back for after school activities at 2:35
• Students cannot leave campus during the twenty-five minute Break between assessments
• Lunch is served from 12:25-12:55
• The Commons is designated for leisure study, the Library for silent study
• After 1:00, students can only be in the Library or with a teacher
• The end of day buses will leave after lunch at 12:55

Mid-Term Assessment Schedule-  Jan. 15-18 
                        Jan. 15 Blocks  R-1,2
                        Jan. 16 Blocks  R 3,4
                        Jan. 17 Blocks  S 1,2
                        Jan. 18 Blocks  S 3,4

Daily Assessment Schedule:
7:35…………………………Buses arrive
7:50…………………………Warning Bell
7:55-9:55…………………..Assessment Period 1
9:55-10:20…………………Break(students must remain on campus)
10:25-12:25……………….Assessment Period 2 (students are free to
leave campus at 12:25)
12:55-1:05 ………………. Buses load and depart
12:55-2:35…………………Library silent study or time scheduled with a

Counseling News:
  • Counselors have completed their first visit to junior Global Studies classrooms to begin informing students on the college search and selection process.  Ask your student about the lesson!
  • Beginning next week, our counselors will be visiting sophomores in Wellness II courses to provide lessons and activities on matching interests and values with possible career/majors.
  • Tuesday 1/8, the Counselors will be in the library conference room meeting with students to perform schedule changes for semester two electives. 
  • Thursday 1/10, representatives from NHHEAF will be in the counseling office from 3pm-8pm assisting families in completing their FAFSA form.  Appointments are first-come, first-serve and required.  Please have your student register in-person in the Counseling office.
Don't Forget!  January 8th is the Public School District Budget Hearing 

Principal's Coffee is Scheduled for January 15th, at 7PM in the BHS Library.  This will be an IB information night and a great opportunity for the parents of sophomore students interested in IB.  More details to come.

NAEP (National Assessment Education Progress) Assessment is scheduled for January 14th.  A small  selection of senior students chosen randomly by the NAEP test administrators will be asked to complete a ninety-minute test in math and reading.