Friday, August 24, 2012

BHS NEWS - 2012 - 2013

Good Afternoon!

With the opening of the 2012-13 school year a few days away, I wanted to make you aware of some of the things going on at BHS!  

The BHS staff would like to thank our PTG for all of the things they do for the students and staff.  Today our liaisons sponsored a wonderful breakfast!  What a great way to start the year!  Much appreciated Deb, Audrey, Donna, and Jill (our building liaisons)!
The link attached is an invitation for young women to serve as interns at the Capitol.  Check it out! e postcard.pdf

The National Honor Society GPA calculation has been adjusted to include both weighted grades and unweighted grades.  This adjustment will fairly calculate all types of course loads.   We will be using the adjusted calculation at the start of this school year.  The 3.5 GPA is still the standard.

An adjustment to the Course Drop/Add procedure has been made and extends the window from the current three weeks to four weeks.  During the drop/add 4 week window students may drop or add a course (if available) without having it noted on their permanent transcript.  For the full procedure see the Drop\Add procedure on-line in the student handbook. This year's deadline for dropping a course without indication of withdrawal on the student transcript is Friday 9/21. 

This year we anticipate leaving the Parent Portal open during the grade entry period. During grade entry at the end of a quarter it is not uncommon to see grade fluctuation as it is typical that long term assignments become due and  can have greater weight on a grade.  In the past this fluctuation has resulted in many phone calls from parents to staff.  Because grade closing is a busy time for teachers, and because we want to be prompt in answering your communication, I ask that you wait until grades are completed before contacting a teacher.  

PLEASE RETURN BOOKS!!  Students who have not returned books to the school or who have not paid for books lost will not be able to pick up this years books for their classes until they have settled their book account.  The reason I am taking this step is to avoid having to purchase additional books for courses that are short because books have not been returned or paid for.  Students have been noticed in the past and will be reminded on Tuesday to turn in books.   Freshmen students will pick up their books on the first day of school.  

I appreciate the positive responses and support from many of you about the dress code.  I wanted to offer some clarity on wearing yoga pants to school.  Yoga pants are ok to wear.  However, apparel intended to be spandex, tights or leggings are not permitted unless a top is worn over that meets the "fingertip standard.  

We are committed to continually trying to improve communication with you.  As a staff we are committed to a 24 hour response for any communication.    In the past teachers have set up voicemail boxes to receive communication from you. The high school has a large staff and limited phone access.  This has become problematic in trying to meet our commitment.  For this reason, I ask that when communicating with teachers at the high school please use their email account.  If you would like to talk with the teacher simply indicate that in your email and leave a contact number.  Because teachers are able to check email several times a day in their classrooms, we believe this will be a much more efficient system of communication.  

Opening Day Forms!  The dreaded opening day forms will soon be in your hands.  These forms are important and help us update records, give permissions, serve as acknowledgements, etc.   As a way to promote a prompt return of forms by the student the PTG sponsors a "Breakfast" for the first homeroom to return all forms.  Food really motivates young people!  Help your son or daughter's Advisory win! 

The Bedford School District has implemented Google Apps for Education for students, teachers, and administrative staff. These accounts will be used for school related projects. This account is housed on Google servers, thereby giving your student access to Google Docs (word processor, spreadsheet, and presentation software), email, calendar, website authoring tools, plus additional services. This will allow your student to collaborate with teachers and other students as well as share information with family, friends, and other Internet users.  In order of students to use this great service, parents must give consent.  To view a more descriptive explanation of this service, visit .  If you do not want your student to have access to this service, please provide us in writing this request.  Students can access the Bedford School District Google Apps for Education site at:

 For information regarding our lunch account program go to the District web-site- Food Service link- Pay for lunches link.   

BHS has been buzzing with athletic and band activity for more than a week now.  On the the first day of school (Aug. 28th) all students will meet with me by grade level to discuss changes in school policy and procedures, how to find information, and hear about the general expectations for the school year.  

Our school calendar of events is on the BHS website and events have been updated.  There are two events happening in the first week of school of which parents and students should be aware.  On the 28th,  all School Pictures will be taken.   On Thursday the 30th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm a ninth grade Parent Information Night will be held.   Ninth grade students will attend a dance in the Commons while parents will meet in the theater.  The agenda for the evening will include presentations by the PTG, the School Resource Officer, Student Assistance Counselor, Counseling department, Competency review, Activities at BHS.  The presentations will last approximately one hour.  For anyone interested in seeing the building we will tour the building from 8-8:30.  

Counseling News:
  • Discontinuation of Most Transcript Fees - In the past, the Counseling Department relied heavily on "snail mail" for delivery of your student's transcripts and official records to prospective colleges and universities.  With the successful adoption of the Naviance software, we have transitioned to an electronic delivery method.  As a result, any transcript that can be transmitted electronically to a college or university will no longer incur the $3 transcript fee.  Some institutions still require hard copies of material as part of their application process.  Delivery of your records to these institutions will result in the standard $3 fee per official transcript, which must be paid to the registrar in order to release your records.  It is important that students pay any transcript fees prior to their deadlines as materials will not be submitted without payment.  
  • Schedule Changes - The Counseling Department is working diligently on requests for schedule changes, and final enrollments are still taking place.  Should your student wish to change their schedule, the Counseling staff will be available in the library (entry across from the Counseling suite) to process requests for changes.  As a reminder, we cannot guarantee placement in courses, but we will make every attempt to place students in classes they require.  
  • Senior Meetings - Counselors will begin meeting with Senior students in September.  These meetings are an opportunity for students to sit one-on-one with their counselor to review their graduation progress and post-secondary plans.  Please encourage your senior to stop into the Counseling Department and proactively schedule a time to sit with their counselor that best suits their schedule.  All Seniors will be invited to attend a Senior meeting.

Here we go!

"It is ok to be where you are, but not ok to stay there!"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Dress Code Reminders 2012-2013

Good Morning!

As the summer makes its way toward August, I am sure school shopping is around the corner.  I would like to ask you to keep in mind that we will be continuing to enforce a modest dress code at BHS.  Last year, with your support most students dress met with the school standards.   Although dress was generally more appropriate last year, we still have work to do to in this area.  

Once again, I will be taking a very firm stand on violations of dress this year.   Please share the contents of this email with your son or daughter as it serves as notice of the school's expectations.  Additionally,  we will meet with students on the first day of school to be sure they are aware of appropriate dress for school and the consequences for violating the expectations.    

We do not feel the expectations are unreasonable, modest dress is the expectation.  For shorts and skirts - finger tips should touch cloth when arms are down at one's side.  Tight skirts (although fashionable) often ride up when sitting, walking and climbing stairs, and although may meet the finger tip test, they do not when any movement occurs.  Therefore, they do not meet the standard.   Yoga pants may be wore, however leotards as pants are not permitted.  Tops must cover any cleavage. Tops must have straps.  Tops must cover the mid-drift.  Boys shorts and pants must be worn high enough on the hips to cover undergarments.  Pants or shorts must be able to stay in place when walking, sitting, standing without hands pulling or holding them up. (Belts can be a very effective tool for this!)   Tank tops for the boys may be worn, however, they must be of a modest nature .   Tank tops with large arm holes (like some of the basketball tops) must have a tee shirt underneath.  

Students who do not meet the standard will be sent home to change.  Students sent home to change will receive an unexcused tardy if this occurs. Students sent home who fail to return to school will receive an unexcused absence. Schoolwork missed due to the unexcused tardies or unexcused absences cannot be made up.   Consequences for students who continually fail to meet the standard will be subject to additional consequences.  

We will remind the students again this year that there is a time and place for all apparel, however,  school is not a place for certain types of dress i.e., "beachwear."  Please help us with this by supporting our efforts by reminding your son or daughter of our expectations.  


"It is ok to be where you are, but not ok to stay there!"

Bill Hagen
Bedford High School