Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Their Honor

This year marks the second year of our school organization, called In Their Honor. Last year, our students were successful in garnering sponsors for our local veterans – not only those that have been lost in battle, but all that have since passed on.

During this week, to commemorate Memorial Day weekend, please stop by the table located at the front door of our high school.

“In Their Honor” is a student organization that pays tribute to all those that have served and died for our country and for the freedoms that we, as Americans, continue to enjoy to this day.

With a donation of just one dollar, you can become a sponsor of a fallen veteran. With your donation, we will purchase a grave marker flag which our stewards will use to grace the headstone of that fallen veteran in our local cemeteries – all on your behalf.

Please give to this great and worthwhile cause.


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