Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Class of 2012 Graduation requirements & obligations

Dear Parents of the class of 2012,

Graduation is fast approaching and our seniors will soon be in cap and gown for graduation.  Teachers, Counselors, and Advisors have been reminding seniors to finish strong and to have all of their requirements and obligations met.   Parents, you can join the effort (I am sure you have been on this already) to ensure that all seniors graduate.  It is extremely important to know that all graduation requirements and obligations must be met by June 8th, in order for seniors to receive a diploma and walk in our June 16th, ceremony.   Here is what you need to know to be helpful.

  • All required core courses and elective courses have been successfully passed and total a minimum of 24 credits.
  • Senior Project has been completed and passed.
  • Real World Learning hours have been completed, documented, and signed off by Advisors.
  • Digital Portfolio completed
  • All obligations have been met i.e. any and all fees - texts, novels, library books, school equipment returned, uniforms and/or athletic equipment returned, senior dues
  • All detention/suspension time satisfied

If you are unsure of your son or daughter's status please contact us we would be happy to assist.  For information use the list below:

For Credit status contact the counselor/counseling office
For Senior Project contact Senior Project Advisor (after Celebration week is complete May 29-June 1)
For Real World Learning contact Marianne Philbrook
For Digital Portfolio contact senior advisor (email works best)
For obligations contact your son or daughter's assistant principal Jozokos' office
For athletic obligations contact the athletic office

It can be an exciting but stressful time for families.  One way to reduce that stress is to be sure everything is taken care of before the last minute!  

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