Thursday, May 24, 2012

In Their Honor

This year marks the second year of our school organization, called In Their Honor. Last year, our students were successful in garnering sponsors for our local veterans – not only those that have been lost in battle, but all that have since passed on.

During this week, to commemorate Memorial Day weekend, please stop by the table located at the front door of our high school.

“In Their Honor” is a student organization that pays tribute to all those that have served and died for our country and for the freedoms that we, as Americans, continue to enjoy to this day.

With a donation of just one dollar, you can become a sponsor of a fallen veteran. With your donation, we will purchase a grave marker flag which our stewards will use to grace the headstone of that fallen veteran in our local cemeteries – all on your behalf.

Please give to this great and worthwhile cause.


Friday, May 18, 2012


May calendar of events:

May 18 : BHS Dance under the Stars 
May 23 : NH Scholars Awards at the Capitol (214 BHS seniors will be recognized)
May 25 : Teacher In-Service Day (no school for students)
May 31 : PTG Year in Review with the Principals  (9:30 am at BCTV)
May 31 : Last day for parking permit paperwork and money for the classes of 2013
                and 2014.  (please remember all obligations must be satisfied before a 
                permit can be granted.
May 29-June1 : Senior Celebration Week.  Please take a look at the schedule of
                            presentations on our website and join us in celebrating the 
                            culmination of four years of learning by our seniors!
June 5 : BHS Fall sports sign-ups
June 7 : Underclassman Academic Awards night (7:00 PM in the theater)
June 8 : Adult Education Graduation ceremony (6:00 PM in the theater)
June 11: Athletic Awards night  (6:30 PM in the theater)
June 14: Senior Awards night  (7:00 PM in the theater)
June 14: Last day of school
June 16: Graduation  (10:00 AM in the stadium weather permitting / in gymnasium if 

2012-13 Schedule review :
Beginning next week the counseling department will be meeting with students (at student's request) on May 23 and 24, to review individual schedules and make adjustments if needed.  Also, please keep your eyes open for a letter (in the mail) from the counseling department containing your son or daughter's schedule for next year.  If you have any concerns about the schedule of courses, please have your son or daughter contact their counselor during the week of May 29 through June 1, during their Managed-time to review and revise if necessary. Please note that schedule changes are made for placement and credit reasons and are not based on changes in preference.  Therefore elective changes to your student's schedule are not likely to be addressed.

Senior Portraits:
Parents of rising seniors please keep your eyes open for flyer information in your mail pertaining to senior portraits from our photographerHockmeyer Studios.  It is not mandatory that you use Hockmeyer Studios for senior portraits.  However, only pictures from Hockmeyer will be used in the Yearbook.  There will be opportunity at the start of the school year for seniors to get their pictures taken for the Yearbook should you opt for choosing a different photographer for senior portrait.  

Student Obligations:
Please take a look around the house for any textbooks, novels, uniforms, school equipment, or school sports equipment and give it to your on or daughter to bring back into school.  This helps everyone, you get it out of your house, we get a more accurate accounting and can budget more efficiently for next year, you won't need to pay for items not returned because they are lost under the bed, we won't have to spend time chasing students down.  This is a WIN WIN!   Thanks for your help with this one.  

Summer School Information:

Summer School information has been updated on our web-site.  We offer several types of summer school opportunities including NCF recovery, credit recovery, enrichment (courses in Personal Finance and In-Writing for credit), and enrichment (no credit).  For parents of rising juniors and seniors the offering below is a great way to get your son or daughter moving on that all important college essay. 

Writing the College Essay:  Cost $100
Choose from 1 of 3 workshop dates: Elizabeth Charbonneau & Matthew McDonald

Tuesday 6/19, Wednesday 6/20, and Thursday 6/21 from 8:00am - 12:00pm
Tuesday 6/26, Wednesday 6/27, and Thursday 6/28 from 12:00pm - 4:00pm
Tuesday 7/10, Wednesday 7/11, and Thursday 7/12 from 12:00pm - 4:00pm

This three-day workshop, taught by two teachers with experience in helping students with college
essays, will prepare students for the type of personal writing required of this unique writing
assignment. Day one will consist of understanding the Common App prompts, reading sample
essays, practicing how to tell compelling personal stories, and brainstorming topics. Day two will give
students time to finish their brainstorming and draft their essays. Day three will allow for more
conference time, work on supplemental essays if the students wish, and time to polish and workshop
their essays. Since the writing process for the college essay is often difficult because of the unique
demands of the assignment, each student will get at least 20 minutes of individual conference time
with a teacher - that is why there are just 20 students and two teachers. Each student will leave the
workshop with a semi-final draft of their college essay along with lots of feedback from teachers and
other students.
Last summer, this workshop was a huge success, in both enrollment and feedback from colleges. In
order to accommodate more students' busy summer schedules, we will be offering this workshop in
the morning, afternoon, and evening this year!   

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking for volunteers for Senior Project Presentations

BHS is looking for volunteers to help with Senior Project Presentations during the week of TuesdayMay 29th to ThursdayJune 1stfrom 7:55am until 2:35pm Volunteers get to watch the seniors present the projects they've been working on all year and at the end of the presentation will stamp the "passport" of any student that attends the presentation. It is very easy to do and a great experience.  If you are interested in helping out, please email Donna Watson at and let her know what day and slot(s) you are available.
Slot 1: 7:55-8:35 (1st block)
Slot 2: 8:40-9:20 (1st block)
Slot 3: 9:40-10:20 (2nd block)
Slot 4: 10:25-11:05 (2nd block)
Slot 5: 11:40-12:20 (3rd block)
Slot 6: 12:25-1:05 (3rd block)
Slot 7: 1:10-1:50 (4th block)
Slot 8: 1:55-2:35 (4th block)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Class of 2012 Graduation requirements & obligations

Dear Parents of the class of 2012,

Graduation is fast approaching and our seniors will soon be in cap and gown for graduation.  Teachers, Counselors, and Advisors have been reminding seniors to finish strong and to have all of their requirements and obligations met.   Parents, you can join the effort (I am sure you have been on this already) to ensure that all seniors graduate.  It is extremely important to know that all graduation requirements and obligations must be met by June 8th, in order for seniors to receive a diploma and walk in our June 16th, ceremony.   Here is what you need to know to be helpful.

  • All required core courses and elective courses have been successfully passed and total a minimum of 24 credits.
  • Senior Project has been completed and passed.
  • Real World Learning hours have been completed, documented, and signed off by Advisors.
  • Digital Portfolio completed
  • All obligations have been met i.e. any and all fees - texts, novels, library books, school equipment returned, uniforms and/or athletic equipment returned, senior dues
  • All detention/suspension time satisfied

If you are unsure of your son or daughter's status please contact us we would be happy to assist.  For information use the list below:

For Credit status contact the counselor/counseling office
For Senior Project contact Senior Project Advisor (after Celebration week is complete May 29-June 1)
For Real World Learning contact Marianne Philbrook
For Digital Portfolio contact senior advisor (email works best)
For obligations contact your son or daughter's assistant principal Jozokos' office
For athletic obligations contact the athletic office

It can be an exciting but stressful time for families.  One way to reduce that stress is to be sure everything is taken care of before the last minute!  


Good Afternoon!

May is an extremely busy and exciting time of year here at BHS!  From the prom and testing to senior celebration week and graduation, May and June will be action packed!  

On Friday evening we will be presenting BHS Idol.  It is a fun evening during which some of BHS' finest vocalist will get a chance at center stage.  Tickets are $5 at the door and all proceeds go to the music program.  

Mr. BHS:
Don't miss this annual tradition!  On May 22nd, at 7:00pm in the theater students will compete for the title of MR BHS!  

Our Junior/Senior Prom is scheduled for May 12th, at the Radisson in Manchester.  This is an exciting event for BHS!   For information about the prom please contact senior class advisors Shannon Fallon at  - ,  or Meagan Read at -

Parking Info 2012-13 School Year:

Parking permits are now on sale for the 2012 - 2013 school year.   Permits will be on sale now until May 31st.

To be eligible all school obligations must be fulfilled:  (ex: book dues & fines paid....)

Attention rising  Seniors and rising Juniors! Parking permits will be on sale in the front office from now until May 31st. Applicants must already have their license in hand by May 31st. Seniors will have the first opportunity to apply for parking permits. All interested   Junior applications will be entered in a lottery as space may be limited. We will post all permit recipient names outside the main office on Friday6/8/2012.
Please turn in completed packet which includes:  Campus Parking Form
                                                                                               Copy of license & registration
We will not be accepting any applications over the summer. If additional spots become available a lottery will take place in September.

If you have any questions please call Kim Howe @ 310-9000 x 3107 or email:

BHS Info Night for Parents of 8th Grade Students:

On Tuesday, May 8th we will hold our second BHS info night for parents of our rising freshmen students for the 2012 - 13 school year. In this session we will discuss more about the school programs, daily schedule, competencies, after school athletics etc.  The program will begin at 7:00pm in the theater and run about eighty-five minutes.  

Counseling News:

The May 9th, BHS Naviance Information Night has been postponed.  More information to come. 

Spring Science NECAP Testing:

2012 Science NECAP Testing Schedule
May 15May 16, 2012

TuesdayMay 15(Silver)
Session 1
WednesdayMay 16(Red)
Sessions 2 & 3

AP Testing:  

AP Testing begins next week and runs Monday 5/7 through Friday 5/18. 

Students who are registered to take an Advanced Placement Exam should be aware of the following information:
  • There will be a mandatory pre-registration session taking place Wednesday 5/2/12 at 9:21am during Advisory.  All students registered for an AP exam must report to the back end of the commons to receive instruction on filling in their exam booklets in advance of next week.  Attendance is mandatory for test takers and the pre-registration must be completed prior to the start of exams.  Students with conflicts should contact Mrs. Tuite in the Counseling center.
  • Location: This year's AP exams will be held at St. Elizabeth Seton Activity Center, 190 Meetinghouse Road, Bedford, NH (Note: the AP Spanish Language exam is the only exam being held on site at BHS.  This exam is Tuesday, 5/8 8:00am).  
  • Buses and Transportation - Buses will be provided according to the schedule for exams with greater than five test takers.  Please review the schedule to ensure you have a transportation plan in place for your exams.  
    • Buses will NOT be provided for the following examinations: 
      • Chemistry
      • Environmental Science
      • Computer Science
      • Spanish Language (Exam held at BHS)
      • Biology
      • Physics B
      • Macroeconomics
      • Microeconomics
    • All students are strongly encouraged to take the bus from BHS when available to prevent late arrival.  Late entrance is not permitted once the exams have started and students will be turned away if they fail to arrive on time for their exam.  For those students who choose to drive, you must have a valid BHS parking permit if you plan on park on school grounds at any point during the day.   For directions to St. Elizabeth Seton Activity Center, follow this link: St. Elizabeth Seton, Bedford, NH
  • Students who sit for an AP/IB test on a given day are excused from their BHS courses for the remainder of that day.
  • Copies of the full AP Exam schedule are available in the Counseling Center, or by clicking the following link: BHS AP Exam and Bus Schedule
  • are not permitted to bring cell phones, IPods, reading material, food and/or beverages to exams.  Please leave these items at home! The only items students should have on there person when they sit for exams are two #2 pencils, and a pen with black or dark blue ink.
  • Calculators: AP Calculus and AP Physics require and permit the use of graphing calculators.  AP Chemistry permits the use of a normal, non-graphing calculator.  For questions about your calculator and whether it is permitted, please check the following guide:
  • Counselors will begin meeting with individual students in the 9th, 10th, and 11th grade at the end of May to review schedules for the 2012-13 school year.  

Principals Coffee:

I will be holding the final Principals coffee at 9:00am on Tuesday, May 15th in the conference room in the main office.  The agenda is open for this meeting, however I would appreciate any feedback on the school year.    Please contact to sign up.

Don't forget that May 25th, is a Teacher workshop day and there is no school for students.