Monday, December 5, 2011

Principal's Newsletter 12/5/11

Intersession News

1) Deposits of 10% for Intersession are due by December 13th to Mr. Jozokos'
Office. Students are welcome to deposit more than the 10%; that is the
minimum. Students who do not pay the deposit will be removed from the activity
in order to make room for students on wait lists.

2) Add/Drop period from Dec. 7 - Dec 13. This is primarily for students who
missed the sign-ups first time around. Students can also change their present
Intersession activity. Add/drop will happen through the Intersession sign-up

3) Mandatory Intersession meetings will take place during school
on December 14th for all students. Meeting rooms are announced in the
Intersession activity web page.


The students will hear the following information from me in a class meeting
this week regarding attendance at the semi-formal dance.
The dance runs from 7 to 10 p.m.
Students must arrive by 8:00 p.m.
Appropriate dress is required. The school dress code will be enforced.
Appropriate dancing is required. Any couples grinding will be asked to leave
the dance. No refunds. You will be informed.
If a student brings a guest from another school, the BHS student is responsible
for the guest’s behavior.
As always all other school rules apply at this school function.
Other news!

BHS YEARBOOK - Don't miss the "Green Light" price!
YEARBOOK is currently on sale, online for a "Green Light" price of $60.00 don't wait
online line prices will end. They will go on sale again on Wed. Dec. 7 & 8th and will be
sold in Bulldog corner for $65.00 still a great price this will be your LAST CHANCE
before they go up to $75.00.... Hurry and get your 5th year anniversary yearbook.....
On-line you can purchase your 2011 yearbook @"It is ok to be
where you are, but not ok to stay there!"


Meet the Coaches night is Tuesday, Dec. 6th at 7:00pm in the theater.

Bill Hagen

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