Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Principal's Newsletter 10/11/11

Good Morning!
We will be concluding the NECAP testing on Wednesday and Thursday of this
week. Testing takes place during our morning blocks in the gymnasium. I am so
pleased at how focussed and serious our students are during testing.
This is Spirit Week and a number of fun class competitions are planned over the
week. The week culminates in an old fashion school-wide pep rally and a tally of
class points to determine the most spirited class.
The Friday evening Harvest Dance kicks off Homecoming Weekend. The dance
is for Bedford High school students and their guests. Students wishing to bring a
guest must complete a Guest request form and gain approval from their Assistant
Principal in advance of the close of school on Friday. Guests must be of high
school age or a 2010 graduate of BHS. Forms may be found in the AP office.
The PTG is sponsoring two outstanding experiences for students at BHS. If you
are around the building please note the new sculptures (3 in the court yard). Last
week the PTG sponsored an Artist in Residence program and a number of
classes received direct instruction from artist Mark Ragonese. This year the
artistic medium used was driftwood. Additionally, through the generosity of the
PTG's ORK program, a "Poetry Out Loud" competition is being introduced to our
school. This unique program will train teachers of Humanities to bring poetry to
life. It will further promote a school-wide competition which may lead to
competition at the regional and State level. It is a great program and we thank
the PTG for their continued support. If you are not a member yet, please
consider joining!
The PTG has kicked off the MY COKE REWARDS program. Your routine
purchases of coke products can provide funds to our schools. For information on
this program go to www.mycokerewards.com
The Counseling office has partnered with Mrs. Lee Joyce of Bedford to offer free
assistance and advice to Senior students on composing their college essay. The
essay is an integral part of the college admission process, and is the sole
opportunity a student has to really, "put their fingerprint" on their college
application. Mrs. Joyce, a former Undergraduate Admissions Officer from St.
Anselm College has read over 5000 college essays and can offer valuable
perspective to students on standing out, capturing the attention of admissions
reps, and putting their best foot forward. Mrs. Joyce will be available to students
in a small group, and one-on-one sessions in the Counseling department.
Students who are interested can sign up in the Counseling office. Mrs. Joyce's
volunteer services will be available during most weeks Monday -Thursday from
11:45 - 2:30. Students are encouraged to sing up during their managed times, or
lunch blocks as needed.
My first principal's Coffee will be held on October 18th, in the BHS library
beginning at 7:00pm. The meeting is limited to the first fifteen respondents so
that everyone has a chance to be engaged in the conversation. The agenda for
the evening will be Open so bring your questions, concerns, and any positives
you might want to share. Meetings are planned for one hour. If you are
interested in attending please contact our PTG liaison Deb Delahunty at
"It is ok to be where you are, but not ok to stay there!"
Bill Hagen
Bedford High School

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