Friday, September 9, 2011

Principal's Newsletter 9/9/11

Happy Friday,

Today we observed the 10th Anniversary of September 11th. Teachers and students in
our Humanities classes engaged in a special lesson about 9/11 that was very powerful.
We also held a formal rally in which the entire campus, BHS and RAL, joined with
representatives from the local Fire and Police departments to observe the anniversary and
to be sure that we never forget! I have to report that the young people in this community
continue to impress us. I wish that the entire community could have witnessed the
reverent, respectful, and genuine manner in which the students participated in the event.
Close to 2500 people filed out of the building and stood together in the circle area and
not sound could be heard throughout the ceremony. I am comforted to know that in my
old age, it will be these young people who will be leading our country!

We will be holding an additional parking lottery at the close of school on September
13th. Students interested in purchasing a parking pass (cost$110.00). You will need a
completed packet including copy of drivers license and registration, parking form, along
with the payment. Forms are on-line and available in the front office.

I also want to remind you that next Wednesday is Open House at BHS, beginning at 6:30
pm. Please download your son(s) and/or daughter(s) schedule from Powershool to use as
you make your way to their classes.

Drop/Add Window
September 15th will be the last day to drop or add a course. After that date courses may
nor be added. Courses may be dropped, but will be recorded on a student transcript with
either a WP (withdrawn passing or WF(withdrawn failing) depending on the students
grade at the time of withdrawal. Please talk with your son or daughters counselor.

Our sports teams are in full swing making for some exciting afternoon and evening
activities! Even if you do not have someone involved on a team, come out and be part of
the "Bulldog Pride!" On a related sporting note, last year our school was selected to
receive the NHIAA (New Hampshire Interscholastic Athletic Association) Sportsmanship
Award for Schools in our division. Mr. Whitmore and I will be present with a banner
later this month that we will proudly hang in our school!
enjoy the weekend!
"It is ok to be where you are, but not ok to stay there!"

Bill Hagen
Bedford High School

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