Thursday, September 15, 2011

Open House 9/15/11

Good Afternoon,

This is a reminder that Open House is Thursday evening
beginning at 6:30. (Sorry for the confusion last week!) Parents
are asked to print your son(s) or daughter(s) schedules at home
and bring them with you to Open House. Upon arrival please
report directly to your son(s) or daughter(s) Advisory at 6:30.
(This is different from last year). You will find the room number
for Advisory on the schedule. If you have difficulty locating it,
we will have lists of students with their Advisory room numbers
at each entrance We will run an alternating red/silver period
schedule (see attached and below ). During the evening we
will use the intercom to direct class changes. We will be
posting signs around the building and will have some of our
NHS students available to help you navigate the building. If for
some reason you can not print a schedule at home, please
come by a bit early and schedules may be printed in the
Counseling office.

Open House Time Schedule September 15 2011
6:30-6:45 Advisory
6:50-7:00 R1
7:05-7:15 S1
7:20-7:30 R2
7:35-7:45 S2
7:50-8:00 R3
8:05-8:15 S3
8:20-8:30 R4
8:35-8:45 S4
8:50 Brief Staff meeting: Library

"It is ok to be where you are, but not ok to stay there!"
Bill Hagen

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